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The big package

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We offer the big package from us in Live Stream.

We arrive on site and set up three cameras for the whole day (three perspectives of the stream). Five audio connections are available (microphones, music, etc.) and we stream for you on all the media you want. You can choose from Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo or more. We may also offer off-media streaming published on the client's web site or our web site. We mix the sound for you and take care of the graphic design for the stream itself as well as the photos on the event page.


  • 8 hours at work
  • 3 cameras
  • 5 audio connections
  • Sound mixing
  • graphic design
  • Unlimited media available

If this offer is accepted, we will contact you as soon as payment is received. As a result, the live streaming workflows will be activated and the project will begin.

If this offer is not suitable then you can go to platinum package and then we will make a project description for you based on your needs.